The nurse is working with a nursing student to administer an enema solution to a client. The client states she feels painful cramping. The nurse should intervene by

  1. squeezing the enema bag so the flow rate is faster.
  2. explaining to the client that this is a normal feeling and continuing with the enema.
  3. clamping the tube for 1 minute and then starting the enema at a slower rate.
  4. discontinuing the enema until the provider can order a PRN pain medication.
Number 3 is correct.
Rationale: Abdominal cramping and discomfort are possible if the enema flow rate is too rapid. The nurse should briefly stop the flow and restart at a slower rate. Squeezing the enema bag to increase the flow rate exacerbates client discomfort and could result in reflux or vomiting. A PRN pain medication should not be necessary at the proper flow rate.