A 79-year-old client with moderate dementia and limited mobility is being cared for at home by her son who lives with her. She has been receiving home health for care of a nonhealing diabetic foot ulcer. The home health nurse encourages the son to bring his mother to the ED for more aggressive treatment in an in-patient setting. The son responds that he cannot afford to pay for the medical bills and prefers to care for her at home. The nurse then notices a stage 2 decubitus ulcer on the client’s sacrum. The son claims to have his sister come every day and assist with bathing and turning in the bed. Which type of violence is the son guilty of?

physical neglect physical violence emotional violence economic exploitation

A home health nurse is visiting a client who is due for a dressing change for a diabetic foot ulcer. While at the client’s home, the nurse notes open cleaning products sitting on the counter next to a plate of chicken. Which is the best response by the nurse?

notify the health care provider about the hazardous conditions found in the client’s home explain to the client that this situation is unsafe, then offer to che...

The charge nurse in the medical unit is preparing a bed assignment for a stable client diagnosed with necrotizing fasciitis. The client has a history of diabetes and hepatitis. There are four beds available. The nurse knows that the best roommate for this client is which of the following?

a client with gout in the large toe a client with fever, vomiting, and diarrhea a client with MRSA a client with severe dementia with a tendency to wander