A nurse is preparing to administer IV Rocephin for infection to a client. The client has a central venous line infusing blood but no other IV access. The blood still has 30 minutes left to infuse. The Rocephin is due now. How should the nurse proceed?

hold the Rocephin since it will be too late to give it after the blood completes infusing draw up the Rocephin in a syringe after reconstitution and inject it i...

The nurse is preparing to administer Protonix 40 mg PO to a client. The medication dispenser system is out of the tablets, but the nurse realizes that he can override and pull out IV Protonix instead. The client has a patent IV, and the nurse decides this will save time instead of calling the pharmacy for the missing medication. Which of the six rights of medication administration has the nurse violated?

right dose right time right route right patient right medication right documentation