The nurse is talking with a client who has been diagnosed with thyroid cancer. The client is asking about different treatment options. Which response by the nurse is most appropriate?

  • “There are several local support groups you can join after you have completed chemo.”
  • “Don’t worry about it. Your doctor will explain the best course of treatment for you.”
  • “What information has your health care provider shared about the different treatment options?”
  • “I wouldn’t take chemo if I were you. I’ve seen so many clients say that they wish they hadn’t done it.”
Number 3 is correct.
Before launching a discussion, the nurse must be aware of the client’s knowledge and understanding of the different treatments. Understanding the client’s background will guide the nurse in what information to reinforce to the client, or highlight areas the client may want to explore further with the health care provider. Telling the client about local support groups is helpful, but the nurse’s response implies that the client will choose chemo. Telling the client not to worry because the doctor will select the best course of treatment is belittling and also implies that the decision will be made for her, not with her. Telling the client not to take chemo is offering the nurse’s opinion, giving advice, and shuts down the opportunity for further discussion.