The nurse is caring for a group of clients in an alcohol rehabilitation facility. A local news station is doing a story on addiction, and a representative comes to the facility, asking to interview a client. A client agrees to appear in the story, and the crew films an interview in the dayroom, showing a glimpse of other clients. Which violation has the nurse committed?

  • allowing clients in a substance abuse facility to be interviewed by the media
  • violating the HIPAA need to know rule
  • releasing information about a minor without parental consent
  • There is no violation.
Number 1 is correct.
HIPAA rules do not allow clients in a substance abuse facility to be interviewed, even if the client agrees to do so. Not only was the client shown on TV, but other clients were also shown in the dayroom, which violates their right to privacy. The need to know rule applies when releasing client information to those providing direct care to the client, but not to others who are not involved in the client’s care. There is no indication in this scenario that the client is a minor.