The nurse is observing a student nurse administer a client’s medications via a nasogastric (NG) tube. The nurse understands that the student nurse needs further teach if the student nurse performs which action?

  • aspirates and checks the residual
  • places client in the semi-Fowler’s position
  • verifies that the medications may be given via NG tube
  • stops the tube feeding before medication administration
  • flushes tubing with 15 – 30 cc of water after administering meds
Number 2 is correct.
The client should be in the high-Fowler’s position when administering medications by NG tube to prevent aspiration. Before administration, the nurse must aspirate and check the residual, and then return it to the stomach. Not all medications may be given via NG tube. Extended release and enteric coated medications may not be given via this route. If tube feeding is in place, it must be stopped before giving medications. Following medication administration, the tubing should be flushed with 15 – 30 cc of water, or as per facility protocol.