The nurse is educating a group of student nurses about fire safety. Which statement by a student nurse indicates a need for further teaching by the facility nurse?

  • “Oxygen near the vicinity of the fire should be turned off if it is safe to do so.”
  • “Bedridden clients may be moved in their beds or in a wheelchair if they are able to sit in it safely.”
  • “Clients who are ambulatory may walk to a safe area but cannot assist in evacuating other clients due to HIPAA laws.”
  • “Clients on a ventilator should be manually bagged with an Ambu bag until the fire threat is over and they can be placed back on the ventilator.”
Number 3 is correct.
Ambulatory clients may assist in moving clients in wheelchairs during a fire emergency without fear of HIPAA violations. Clients should not overexert themselves, however. Doing so may render them needing aid as well. Oxygen sources near a fire should be shut off if safe to do so. Bedridden clients who can sit safely in a wheelchair may be evacuated in wheelchairs, and the weakest or most needy clients can be moved in their beds. Less staff is required to move a wheelchair compared to a bed. Clients on ventilators must be manually bagged with an Ambu bag until they can be placed back on the ventilator.