The nurse has just administered morphine 4 mg IV to a client with severe pain from a kidney stone. The client then asks to get up to the toilet. Which is the correct nursing action for this client?

  • assist the client to the toilet
  • offer the client a bedpan or urinal
  • obtain an order for a Foley catheter
  • place a bedside commode in the room
Number 2 is correct.
The nurse should offer the client a bedpan or urinal. The client who has been medicated with morphine is at high risk for falls and should not get up. Assisting the client to the toilet increases the risk of falls. Foley catheters should not be used simply for client or nurse convenience, due to the risk of infection. Placing a bedside commode still allows the client to get up from the bed, and the client is unlikely to require assistance if the bedside commode is within close reach.