The nurse is caring for a client with influenza. Which precautions would the nurse expect to be in place for this client?

  1. contact
  2. droplet
  3. airborne
  4. protective environment
Number 2 is correct.
Rationale: Droplet precautions focus on diseases that are spread by large droplets (greater than 5 microns) expelled into the air and by being within 3 feet of a client. Contact precautions are used for direct and indirect contact with clients and their environments. Airborne precautions are used with diseases that are transmitted by droplets smaller than 5 microns. These smaller droplets remain in the air longer and necessitate the use of an N95 respirator. These clients require a negative pressure or negative airflow room. Protective environments focus on a very limited client population that require a room with positive airflow greater than 12 exchanges per hour through HEPA filters.