A nurse is preparing to administer IV Rocephin for infection to a client. The client has a central venous line infusing blood but no other IV access. The blood still has 30 minutes left to infuse. The Rocephin is due now. How should the nurse proceed?

  1. hold the Rocephin since it will be too late to give it after the blood completes infusing
  2. draw up the Rocephin in a syringe after reconstitution and inject it into the blood bag so it can infuse with the blood
  3. stop the blood, flush the line with 0.9% NS, administer the Rocephin, and then flush the line with the NS before restarting blood
  4. allow the blood to finish infusing before giving Rocephin; the Rocephin will be administered during an acceptable time frame for “on time” administration
Number 4 is correct.
Rationale: Blood must be given within a certain time frame, and delaying the administration may cause the blood to expire. Most facilities allow a 30-minute to 1-hour time frame for “on time” medication administration. Option 1 is incorrect because a 30-minute delay will not be too late. Option 2 is incorrect because IV medications are never given in tubing that is infusing blood, blood products, or TPN. Option 3 is incorrect because it involves stopping blood and infusing medication through the same tubing as the blood.