The nurse is assessing a client at home who is receiving outpatient hemodialysis 12 hours a week. The nurse knows the client needs further instruction about proper diet when he states which of the following?

  • “I drink prune juice when I’m constipated.”
  • “I drink ginger ale with lunch.”
  • “I drink 1 cup of milk with my dinner.”
  • “My bread choice is white rather than whole grain.”
Number 1 is correct.
Potassium will accumulate in the blood with renal disease. As a potassium-rich food, prune juice should be avoided. Phosphorous can accumulate with renal disease. Because soft drinks contain phosphorous, only clear ones, such as ginger ale, are allowed. Dairy foods contain phosphorous, so milk intake is limited to 1 cup/day. White bread has less phosphorous than whole-grain bread and is preferred over whole-grain bread.