A 22-year-old female primigravida who is at 36 weeks’ gestation is seen in the ED with a low platelet count, ALT of 68 U/L, AST of 55 U/L, and a continuous, severe headache that has lasted three days. The nurse prepares for what to occur?

  • amniocentesis
  • ultrasound of the baby
  • delivery of the baby
  • C-section
Number 3 is correct.
The client is experiencing preeclampsia. The only cure for preeclampsia is to deliver the baby. The mother, rather than the baby, is in danger, making an amniocentesis or an ultrasound unnecessary. A C-section is not medically necessary in this situation. Given the pregnancy is 36 weeks’ gestation, the lung function of the baby is sufficiently developed for delivery.