The nurse in the senior dementia unit noticed an increase in client falls over the last six months. She worked with other unit nurses and the nurse manager to develop a new fall risk assessment tool and updated the unit policies regarding falls. Which activity did the nurse engage in?

  1. delegation
  2. peer review
  3. consultation
  4. client referral
  5. quality improvement
Number 5 is correct.
Rationale: Quality improvement is the process by which a nurse identifies a need for practice improvement and develops policies and/or procedures to improve practice. Identifying and minimizing fall risk for clients who are high risk for falls is an example of the quality improvement process. Delegation is the process by which an RN assigns other tasks to assistive personnel or to an LPN. Peer review is part of the review process when a scientific paper is presented to a medical or nursing journal for publication. Consultation is the process in which other health care providers, specialists, or social workers are involved in client care as the need arises. Client referral involves directing the client to a case worker or community service to assist in client needs. Referrals may be made to other health care facilities or rehabilitation facilities.