The ED nurse is attending orientation for nurses new to working in the ED. As part of the training, the ED nurse would expect to report which conditions to the proper authorities?

Select all that apply.
  1. West Nile virus
  2. herpes simplex
  3. gunshot wounds
  4. elder abuse or neglect
  5. bites from an unknown dog
Numbers 1, 3, 4, and 5 are correct.
Rationale: West Nile virus is reportable due to the fact that it can easily be spread by mosquitoes over a large area. City and county municipalities are able to spray to prevent the spread of certain mosquito-borne diseases. Gunshot wounds must be reported to local police or sheriff departments. Elder abuse and neglect, along with child abuse or neglect, must be reported to local authorities for follow-up investigation and to ensure client safety. Bites from unknown dogs must be reported due to the risk of rabies, especially in stray dogs. Herpes simplex is not a reportable condition. The ED nurse must be knowledgeable of facility policies and procedures for carrying out reporting required conditions.