A home health nurse visits a 7-year-old boy on neutropenic precautions. His mother cares for him during the day. Which of the following statements by the mother indicates a need for further teaching?

  1. “I will call the doctor if my son has a temperature above 38°C.”
  2. “My son should protect his skin by showering every other day instead of daily.”
  3. “His aunt cannot visit until 3 weeks have passed since her flu shot.”
  4. “I will need to throw out the flowers he got as a get-well gift.”
Number 2 is correct.
Rationale: Patients on neutropenic precautions have a low white blood cell count and require preventative measures to avoid potential infections. A daily bath or shower, along with wearing fresh, clean clothing, is recommended for neutropenic clients. Patients should avoid crowds or people exhibiting signs of illness. Tasks such as gardening or playing in the dirt should be avoided. The patient should not clean up after pets, but petting his dog or cat and then performing hand hygiene is appropriate.