A 10-year-old is sent home from school with a report of having lice. The nurse should instruct the parent on which intervention?

  • wash the hair for three continuous days with dandruff shampoo
  • isolate all clothing of the child for one week
  • treat with an approved pediculicide agent according to directions
  • shave the child’s head, then cleanse with herbal shampoo
Number 3 is correct.
Treating hair lice most commonly requires application of an over-the-counter pediculicide (medication that kills lice). Leave on the hair according to label instructions. If the child has long hair, a second bottle may be necessary. Washing the hair with dandruff shampoo is ineffective. For clothing and items that cannot be washed in hot water/hot heat drying, sealing them in a plastic bag for two weeks is recommended. Shaving the child’s head and cleansing with herbal shampoo is ineffective.