Two nurses are preparing to pull a client up in the bed. Which actions by the nurses are correct in regard to safe client handling? Select all that apply.

  • place the bed in the lowest position possible
  • ask the client to cross her arms over her chest if she is able
  • use a patient lifting device, such as a Hoyer lift, if needed
  • extend the elbows out away from the body while pulling client up
  • place the head of the bed flat or slightly Trendelenburg if the client can tolerate it
Numbers 2, 3, and 5 are correct.
To avoid injury, the nurses should use proper lifting techniques when pulling a client up in the bed or turning. A nurse should never attempt to pull a client up alone, no matter how small the client is. This places the client at risk for skin shear and skin breakdown. If the client is alert and can follow commands, having her fold her arms over her chest helps streamline the body and makes pulling easier. For larger clients or clients who have no motor control, lifting devices may need to be used. All staff should be educated on the proper use of lift devices. If the client can tolerate it, placing the bed flat or slightly Trendelenburg makes it easier to pull the client up. The bed should be in a comfortable position at approximately waist height. Extending the elbows away from the body strains the arms; elbows should be held close to the sides of the body.