The nurse on a physical rehabilitation unit is assigned a 63-year-old male client post-amputation of his left lower limb above the knee two weeks prior. The client has a history of peripheral vascular disease due to diabetes mellitus. Which statement by the client indicates a need for further teaching?

  • “I had my leg removed because of diabetes.”
  • “My exercises are going well.”
  • “My left leg hurts after I wrap my stump.”
  • “I use canes to walk to the bathroom.”
Number 3 is correct.
Pain in the residual limb indicates the wrapping is too tight and should be reapplied. Peripheral vascular disease due to diabetes mellitus is a common reason for surgical removal of a lower limb. Range-of-motion exercises are standard after an amputation. Use of adaptive devices such as canes to ambulate is standard post-amputation.