The nurse manager has approval to add one LPN to the RNs in the medical-surgical unit. Which nursing actions does the nurse manager expect the LPN to be able to perform according to most state board of nursing practice acts?

Select all that apply.
  1. draw blood from a PICC line
  2. access a port with a Huber needle
  3. perform hemodynamic monitoring
  4. transcribe written physician orders
  5. perform finger-prick blood glucose testing
Numbers 4 and 5 are correct.
Rationale: In most states, LPNs may transcribe written (but not verbal or telephone) orders and sign off. The RN normally signs off the orders after ensuring accuracy and whether they are completed. The RN is responsible for LPN orders she signs off on during her shift. LPNs can perform finger-prick blood glucose testing, and so can UAPs who have been trained and checked off on how to use the equipment. In most states drawing blood from a PICC line may only be performed by an RN. Accessing a port may only be performed by an RN who has been certified competent in this skill. Hemodynamic monitoring is another advanced skill limited to RNs working in ICUs where they have demonstrated competency. Nurse practice acts vary slightly among the states. In some states, LPNs may perform limited activities with peripheral IVs after training and certification.