The nurse is teaching feeding protocol to the spouse of a client who experienced a severe stroke. Which statement by the spouse indicates a need for further explanation by the nurse?

  • “I will not let him use a straw.”
  • “I will turn on the television during meals.”
  • “Instead of whole pills, I will crush the pill and place it in custard.”
  • “He will sit up for a half hour after eating.”
Number 2 is correct.
The client will need to focus his attention on proper swallowing technique during meals, making television undesirable. Talking while eating should also be avoided. Unless recommended by a speech pathologist, use of a straw can increase aspiration by administering a bolus of liquid. As approved by the pharmacist, whole pills may be crushed and placed in a soft food item such as custard to allow complete administration. To prevent the chance of aspiration, the client should remain sitting upright after consuming a meal.