The nurse is teaching a client with limited mobility about preventing blood clots. Which statement by the nurse is correct?

  • “Do not cross your legs when sitting.”
  • “Avoid riding in a car for more than two hours.”
  • “Put a pillow under your knees when lying in bed.”
  • “You should ask your doctor to give you a blood thinner.”
Number 1 is correct.
Crossing the legs when sitting decreases blood flow, which may lead to clot formation. If the client is bed-bound, the nurse should tell the client to avoid crossing one leg over another while lying in bed. Telling the client to avoid car rides longer than two hours may not be practical; longer car rides can be done safely if regular breaks are taken to walk around for a few minutes. Putting a pillow under the knees restricts blood flow to the lower extremities and increases the risk of a clot. Not all clients are candidates for blood thinners; the nurse should focus on actions that the client can do to prevent clots. This engages the client in managing her own care.