The nurse is providing teaching to a client newly diagnosed with hypertension. The nurse knows that the client understands the teaching when the client selects which menu option?

  1. frozen pizza and a spinach salad
  2. baked chicken with fresh green beans
  3. a ham sandwich with peas and carrots
  4. a can of chicken soup and a grilled cheese sandwich
Number 2 is correct.
Rationale: Clients with hypertension should avoid a high-sodium diet. Baked chicken with fresh green beans is the lowest sodium option listed. Frozen foods and processed foods are among the highest in sodium. While a spinach salad is healthy, the frozen pizza contains far too much sodium. Ham is processed meat, which is very high in sodium. Canned foods, especially soups, are high in sodium unless specifically labeled “low sodium” or “lower in sodium.” The nurse should teach the client hidden sources of sodium in the everyday diet.