The nurse is providing discharge instructions to the parents of a 6-month-old child with surgical repair for cryptorchidism. Which instruction would NOT be stressed?

  • observe surgical site for bleeding
  • enforce bed rest for 2 – 3 days
  • palpate scrotum to check testicle location
  • avoid strenuous activity for at least one month
Number 3 is correct.
Repair for undescended testicles, an orchiopexy, is performed on infant males aged 5 – 15 months using laparoscopy via an inguinal approach. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia. Two incisions are made, one in the groin and another in the scrotum. The surgical site should be monitored for bleeding. Bed rest for several days is advisable to allow for recovery from anesthesia. As well, strenuous activity should be avoided to prevent trauma to the surgical site. Palpation of the scrotum to check testicle location will be done by the surgeon at the regular follow-up visit.