The nurse is preparing to discharge a client with an ileal conduit done for treatment of bladder cancer. Which statement by the client indicates the need for further instruction?

  • “I look forward to returning to my local health club to swim.”
  • “The local ostomy support group meets on Wednesday morning at 10 a.m.”
  • “My stoma should be cleaned daily with soap and water.”
  • “During the day I will wear a leg bag to collect my urine.”
Number 1 is correct.
During the initial postoperative period after an ileal conduit, the client should not swim due to the risk of infection. Attendance at an ostomy support group will help the client deal with altered body image. Cleaning the stoma with soap and water will help reduce chance of infection. Wearing a leg bag during the day to collect urine allows the client to return to a normal lifestyle. At night, a larger urine collection bag will be needed.