The nurse is preparing to discharge a client diagnosed with gout. Which statement by the client indicates understanding of dietary restrictions while managing gout?

  • “I should avoid beer, anchovies, and liver.”
  • “I should avoid bananas, grapefruit, and oranges.”
  • “I should avoid dairy products such as milk and ice cream.”
  • “I should avoid red wine, dark chocolate, and aged cheeses.”
Number 1 is correct.
Beer, anchovies, and liver are high in purine and should be avoided in clients prone to gout. Options 2 and 3 may be included in the diet, unless there are other reasons to avoid these foods. Option 4 lists food high in tyramine, which should be avoided by clients taking certain medications, such as MAOI. Unless the client is on one of these medications, there is no need to avoid those foods.