The nurse is evaluating clients for risk of heparin-induced thrombocytopenia (HIT). Which client is at greatest risk for HIT, based on the nurse’s assessment?

  1. a male client who just completed a 1-week course of heparin
  2. a male client taking enoxaparin for management of unstable angina
  3. a female client receiving heparin for postsurgical thromboprophylaxis
  4. a female client taking enoxaparin to prevent clots following a mild myocardial infarction
Number 3 is correct.
Rationale: Increased risk factors for HIT include being female and heparin use as postsurgical thromboprophylaxis. HIT is more common in clients who have been on unfractionated heparin or who have used heparin for longer than 1 week. Enoxaparin is a low-molecular weight heparin, which carries a lower risk of developing HIT. It is often prescribed for clients with unstable angina to help increase blood flow through the heart.