The nurse is delegating tasks to an experienced, unlicensed assistive personnel (UAP). Which of the following clients should the nurse delegate to the UAP?

  1. a client with multiple pressure ulcers requiring daily dressing changes
  2. a client with a permanent tracheostomy requiring daily tracheostomy care
  3. a client recovering from pneumonia with orders to ambulate in the hall BID
  4. a client who just received pain medication and needs to have her pain level assessed in 30 minutes
Number 3 is correct.
Rationale: Assisting a client to ambulate in the hall is within the scope of practice for a UAP. The nurse cannot delegate dressing changes, such as the first two clients need. Only the licensed nurse may assess clients, including assessing pain levels. When delegating tasks, the nurse is responsible for delegating the appropriate task to qualified personnel. Clients who are not stable, who have dressing changes, who need further assessments performed, or whose outcomes are unpredictable should not be delegated to UAPs. The nurse is ultimately responsible for the task being carried out properly.