The nurse is caring for a client with seizure disorder. Which statement regarding seizure precautions is correct?

  1. Padded tongue blades should be at the bedside.
  2. Oxygen and suctioning should be at the bedside.
  3. Padding bed rails with blankets can help prevent injury.
  4. Restraint mitts will help keep the client from removing tubes or IVs.
Number 2 is correct.
Rationale: Oxygen and suctioning are key to maintain the client’s airway. Forcing a tongue blade into someone’s mouth may chip teeth and cause aspiration of tooth fragments. Improper placement of a tongue blade can block the airway. Padding the bed rails may embarrass the client and family, and bed rails may be considered restraint in some facilities. A safer option would be to place a mattress on the floor. Restraint mitts should not be used on this client as there is no other indicated need for the mitts, and clients should be treated using the least restrictive means possible.