The nurse is caring for a client with Guillain-Barre syndrome. Due to paralysis, the client is unable to press the call button with his finger. The nurse must make accommodations for this client to be able to call for help. Which action by the nurse is correct?

  1. leave the client’s door open and instruct him to yell loudly for help
  2. ask a family member to stay around the clock so she can call for the client
  3. round on the client as often as possible since there are no alternatives
  4. utilize a call light adapter that will allow the client to call for help by turning his head to activate a special button
Number 4 is correct.
Rationale: Special call light adapters are available for clients with limited mobility of the hands. Clients with Guillain-Barre syndrome tend to maintain the ability to turn the neck. Call light adapters can be placed on the pillow so that the client can turn his head and press the call light. A client should never be left without alternatives to call for help, so options 1 and 3 are incorrect. Often families cannot stay around the clock, so this may not be a reasonable request; even if someone stays with the client, having the ability to call for help on his own adds a layer of security and comfort for the client.