The nurse is caring for a client with diabetes whose HgbA1C level is 6.9. The client asks the nurse what this means. Which response by the nurse is appropriate?

  1. “Your level is within target range and indicates good glycemic control.”
  2. “Your level is too high, and you will need to increase your medications.”
  3. “Your level is too low, and you will need to decrease your medications.”
  4. “Your health care provider may want to place you on an insulin pump.”
Number 1 is correct.
Rationale: An A1C level below 7 is the target goal for most clients with diabetes, as it indicates good glycemic control. Given the A1C level of 6.9, there is no indication to increase or decrease medications. Since the client’s A1C is within the goal, there is no indication that the client needs an insulin pump.