The nurse is caring for a client who had an inguinal hernia repair. Which interventions by the nurse are appropriate for this client?

Select all that apply.
  1. encouraging fluid intake
  2. relieving urinary retention
  3. applying heat to the scrotum
  4. teaching turning, coughing, and deep breathing
  5. keeping the client on bed rest for the first 12 hours after surgery
  6. teaching the client to avoid lifting more than 20 pounds until approved by the health care provider
Numbers 1 and 2 are correct.
Rationale: Following an inguinal hernia repair, the nurse should encourage fluid intake to prevent constipation and straining during bowel movements. If the client cannot void, intermittent catheterization should be performed. Ice, not heat, should be applied to the scrotum to minimize swelling. The client should turn and deep breathe, but avoid coughing. The client should be encouraged to ambulate as soon as possible after surgery. Lifting more than 10 pounds should be avoided until approved by the health care provider.