The nurse is admitting a new client complaining of severe abdominal pain. When asked about valuables, the client says he has $1,500 cash in his wallet. He is from out of state and does not have anyone who can take his wallet into safekeeping for him. Which statement by the nurse best addresses this situation?

  1. “I can keep it locked up in the charge nurse’s office for you.”
  2. “It should be fine. Just hide it in a drawer when you go down for a CT scan.”
  3. “I can call security to bring a form to fill out, and they will lock it up for you.”
  4. “You will have to call someone to come get it. We can’t let you keep it in your room.”
Number 3 is correct.
Rationale: The nurse should inform the client that it is not safe to keep valuables in the room, and that security can bring a form stating which items the client would like to have locked up. The nurse cannot force the client to place items with security, but should inform the client of the option. The charge nurse’s office is not a place to store client valuables. The client should not be encouraged to leave valuables in a drawer when he leaves the room. Insisting that the client call someone when the client has no one to call is counterproductive and may be interpreted as confrontational.