The nurse answers a call to the unit, which turns out to be a bomb threat. Which actions by the nurse are correct? Select all that apply.

  • dismiss the call as a prank
  • follow facility protocol to ensure client and staff safety
  • try to find out where the bomb is and when it will go off
  • alert the charge nurse, security, and the police department
  • start evacuating clients, starting with those who are most mobile first
Numbers 2, 3, and 4 are correct.
Facility guidelines should always be followed in this situation in order to protect clients and staff. Mock drills can be beneficial training tools so that each staff member understands his or her role in crisis management. If possible, the nurse can try to obtain details about the bomb, which can help security and police locate the bomb and determine the level of risk. The nurse should immediately notify authorities so that the facility’s emergency plan can be activated. Bomb threats or other threats should always be taken seriously in order to protect lives. The nurse should not evacuate or move clients until directed to do so by security or police; they can determine the safest area if evacuation is necessary.