An external weather disaster has flooded the emergency department with several new clients. Which client should the nurse see first ?

the client complaining of chest pain and nausea who is diaphoretic the client with a simple fracture of the radius from a fall on a staircase the client complaining of slight redness and itching at the IV site in his hand the client presenting with a sprained ankle from a tree branch falling on him

The nurse is preparing to remove a client’s abdominal stitches as ordered by the health care provider. Which is the correct action by the nurse?

clean the stitches with soap and water before removing wash the hands and use gloves while removing the stitches wash the hands and use sterile technique when removing the stitches wear a gown, gloves, a mask, an eye shield, and shoe covers during the procedure

The nurse comes upon a client in the clinic who appears to have experienced a sudden cardiac arrest. After retrieving the automated external defibrillator (AED), the nurse knows to use the equipment in the following manner, as per the American Red Cross. List the steps in order. Use all the steps.

Make sure no one is touching the client. Tell everyone to “stand clear.” Open the person’s shirt and wipe the chest dry. Remove any visible patches. Attach the AED pads and plug in the connector. Push the “analyze” button to analyze the client’s heart rhythm. Turn on AED. Follow visual and/or audio prompts. Begin CPR….

The nurse is caring for a two-year-old client who presented to the ER with vomiting, currant jelly-like stools, and abdominal pain that causes the child to draw the knees up to the abdomen in a fetal position. Which interventions does the nurse anticipate for this client?

assessing for respiratory distress orders for a soft diet as tolerated monitoring for a normal, brown stool preparing the client for a barium enema placement of a nasogastric (NG) tube monitoring for fever and changes in blood pressure

The nurse is caring for a client who had an inguinal hernia repair. Which interventions by the nurse are appropriate for this client?

encouraging fluid intake relieving urinary retention applying heat to the scrotum teaching turning, coughing, and deep breathing keeping the client on bed rest for the first 12 hours after surgery teaching the client to avoid lifting more than 20 pounds until approved by the health care provider