An adolescent client is seen by the nurse at a school where a fatal shooting incident occurred on campus 3 months earlier. The nurse documents that the client is experiencing flashbacks, avoiding the location of the shooting, having angry outbursts, and experiencing a loss of interest in playing his favorite musical instrument. The nurse suspects the client is experiencing p ost-traumatic stress disorder. Which intervention would be the best for the nurse to implement?

  • arrange private counseling sessions with the client over the next 5 school days
  • refer the client to the multidisciplinary school crisis team that includes the nurse
  • assure the client the campus is safe
  • excuse the client from school for three days
Number 2 is correct.
The trauma experienced by the client would respond best to a multidisciplinary school team that includes the nurse. Private counseling sessions with the client may be beneficial, yet a holistic approach is preferable. Assuring the client the campus is safe is not within the scope of nursing practice, and it would not be beneficial. Excusing the client from school perpetuates avoidance symptoms, which is not considered therapeutic.