A tornado warning has been issued in the area surrounding the hospital. Which action by the nurse is most appropriate to ensure client safety?

  • leave window blinds open so that staff can monitor the weather
  • close blinds, roll client beds out into the hallway, and close the doors to all the rooms
  • close window blinds and leave client doors open so the nurse can hear if a client calls out
  • leave blinds open but turn beds away from the windows and place as far away as possible from windows
Number 2 is correct.
The safest option for client safety is to move beds into the hall and close window coverings and client room doors. Leaving window coverings open increases the risk of harm by flying debris. Closing blinds and leaving clients in their rooms with the doors open is not the safest option. Option 4 may be used in critical care areas where clients are on ventilators and other equipment that would be difficult to move into the hallway, but it is not the safest option.