A nurse must record daily liquid intake and output for a client with heart failure. The daily liquid intake includes 16 ounces of water, 12 ounces of apple juice, 1 pint of strawberry ice cream, and 0.75 L of normal saline IV. What would the nurse chart as daily intake in milliliters? Calculate and fill in the blank.


Answer: 2,090 mL

1. Find how many milliliters of solids (ice cream) the patient consumed.

1 pt. ice cream

= 500 mL ice cream

Convert pints to milliliters.

2. Find how many milliliters of fluids (water and apple juice) the patient consumed.

16 oz. of water + 12 oz. of juice

= 28 oz. fluids (total)

Find the total amount of fluids consumed.

1 oz. = 30 mL

Convert ounces to milliliters.

= 28 oz. × 30

= 840 mL of fluids consumed

Find the total amount of fluids consumed in milliliters.

3. Find how many milliliters of saline IV the patient consumed.

1 L = 1,000mL

Convert liters to mL.

0.75L saline IV × 1,000

= 750 mL saline IV consumed

Find the total amount of saline IV consumed in milliliters.

4. Combine the amount of solids, fluids, and saline IV (in milliliters) consumed to find the patient’s total daily intake.

500 mL ice cream + 840 mL fluids + 750 mL saline IV

Add the totals (in mL) of solids, fluids, and saline IV.

2,090 mL