A nurse is working in the cardiac unit when a Code Pink (infant abduction) is called. Which action by the nurse is the best response to the code?

  • nothing; she does not work in the pediatric area
  • search in empty rooms or unlocked closets for the infant
  • avoid taking the elevator down to the lab until the all clear is called
  • stay alert for someone who matches the description of the person of interest
  • tell the visitors that they must leave since a code was called for an infant abduction
Number 4 is correct.
If a Code Pink is called, the staff should remain alert for anyone matching the description of the person of interest, even if they do not work in the pediatric area. The staff should observe anyone who is wearing a bulky coat or has a large package in their arms. While searching empty rooms and unlocked closets may be of some help, it is far more helpful to look for a person matching the description of the abductor. Elevators will not work when a Code Pink or other emergency abduction code has been called, so the nurse should take the stairs if she needs to go to the lab. It is best for visitors to remain in place and not be wandering around the facility while a search is on for the abductor.