A newly graduated nurse has completed hospital orientation and has just started working with her own clients. Which of the following assignments is most appropriate for this nurse?

  1. a nonverbal client hospitalized for seizures
  2. a client undergoing peritoneal dialysis at the bedside
  3. a client who had a negative heart catheterization the day before
  4. an elderly client who just returned from surgery for a below-the-knee amputation
Number 3 is correct.
Rationale: The client with the negative heart catheterization is the most stable of this group of clients. The client will most likely be on telemetry, which allows early monitoring of any changes in heart rhythm before physical signs are present. A nonverbal client with seizures is more unstable and will have a more difficult time communicating needs to the nurse. Peritoneal dialysis is a more advanced skill and requires proper training and skill validation. An elderly client who just had a below-the-knee amputation is at greater risk of complications due to age, and is at higher risk of bleeding from the surgery.