A manic client is admitted to an inpatient psychiatric center. He is hyperactive, talking quickly, acting aggressively, and pacing. The nursing staff should

  1. outline realistic expectations for the client’s behavior.
  2. ignore the client’s behavior.
  3. allow the client to eat lunch with other clients to observe the interaction.
  4. assign an RN to stay with the client at all times.
Number 1 is correct.
Rationale: Since the client is showing hyperactive and manic behavior, he should be placed in a quiet environment and behavioral limits should be set. Ignoring the client is not therapeutic. If the client is agitated and aggressive, regular meals with other clients might place them in danger. Unless the client is threatening to harm himself, one-on-one observation is not the first step to take. If the aggressive behavior escalates, additional measures for client safety would be considered.