The nurse is teaching a newly diagnosed client about Crohn’s disease but discovers that the client has several barriers to learning. The nurse understands that socioeconomic barriers to learning include which factors? Select all that apply.

  • cognitive delays
  • low level of literacy
  • adequate health insurance
  • lack of access to health resources
  • lack of interest in learning about disease
Numbers 1, 2, and 4 are correct.
Cognitive delays and low levels of literacy are more common in clients in the lower socioeconomic groups than in higher income groups. Lower socioeconomic groups tend to suffer from lack of access to health resources, whether it is transportation to get to the doctor or access to a computer to look up information about their condition. Having adequate health insurance is an advantage, not a barrier to learning. A lack of interest in learning about the condition is not related to income; the client may simply be in denial about the diagnosis or not be ready to learn due to pain or fatigue.