The nurse is taking care of a 12-year-old male who sustained 30% full-thickness burns on his chest and arms 20 hours ago. To maintain optimal fluid and electrolyte balance, the nurse expects to administer which of the following?

  • lactated Ringer’s
  • D10W
  • plasma
  • normal saline
Number 1 is correct.
Lactated Ringer’s is typically administered in the first 24 hours because its composition is similar to the extracellular fluid that has shifted from damage to the skin. D10W is less ideal than Lactated Ringer’s at this time post-burn as it lacks sodium, chloride, lactate, potassium, and calcium. Plasma would be administered in the next 24 hours. Normal saline will not meet the fluid and electrolyte requirements for the client at this stage in his recovery.