The nurse is providing discharge teaching to a client newly diagnosed with heart failure. Which statement by the client indicates an understanding of the side effects of furosemide (Lasix)?

  • “I should eat bananas, dried dates, or peaches every day.”
  • “I should check my heart rate before taking this medicine.”
  • “I will avoid foods containing tyramine while on this medicine.”
  • “I will not take the medicine when I have to go on a long car trip.”
Number 1 is correct.
Furosemide causes loss of potassium. Daily consumption of high-potassium foods helps prevent potassium depletion. The heart rate should be checked before taking digoxin. Foods containing tyramine should be avoided when taking MAOIs for depression. This medicine should be taken even if traveling; some patients are reluctant to take medications that cause more frequent urination while traveling. Convenience is not a reason to withhold the medication unless directed to do so by the health care provider.