The nurse is caring for a client with limited mobility and right-sided paralysis. The nurse needs to pull the client up in the bed. Which statement reflects correct performance of this action?

  1. The nurse stands behind the head of the bed, places her hands under the client’s axillae, and pulls him up.
  2. The nurse rolls the client to his left side, stands behind the head of the bed, and pulls the client up with the draw sheet.
  3. The nurse places the bed in the Trendelenburg position and alternates pulling on each side of the draw sheet, maneuvering the client up in the bed.
  4. The nurse calls for another nurse, places the client supine with arms folded across his chest, and each nurse pulls client up using both sides of the draw sheet at the same time.
Number 4 is correct.
Rationale: Pulling the client up in bed is always a two-person task, or more if client is obese. The bed position may be flat or Trendelenburg as the client tolerates. Each person grasps the draw sheet and on the count of three, pulls the client up smoothly while taking care not to hit his head on the bed. Options 1, 2, and 3 are incorrect techniques and may harm the client or the nurse.