The nurse is caring for a client who is post-op day 1 for a coronary artery bypass graft (CABG). The nurse knows that continuity of care for this client is ensured by doing which of the following?

Select all that apply.
  1. using standardized handoff reports
  2. knowing how to perform a chart check
  3. following up on outstanding lab reports and incomplete orders
  4. knowing the proper procedures to transfer clients to another floor
  5. telling the next shift that they will need to draw blood that was due on the current shift
Numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4 are correct.
Rationale: The nurse understands that continuity of care only occurs when all people involved in client care maintain open, two-way communication so that nothing is overlooked or forgotten. Using standardized handoff reports ensures that all important data is conveyed to each following shift, without any omissions. Daily chart checks involve reviewing all orders written during the previous shift and ensuring that they have been completed or ordered, such as a series of daily labs. The nurse should follow up on incomplete orders or outstanding labs before the end of shift so that the next shift does not have to assume responsibility. Knowing proper procedures and forms needed to transfer clients helps to ensure that all orders “follow” the client to the next area. Telling the next shift that they need to draw labs that were due on the current shift is poor nursing practice and may affect treatments and medications ordered by the health care provider. The nurse must ensure that all orders on clients are carried out, even if that means staying over to finish that shift’s work. Unless informed otherwise by the charge nurse or facility policy regarding overtime, the nurse is expected to finish all work for his shift before leaving.