The nurse is caring for a client who has an order for ceftriaxone IV. The client is awake and alert and has been taking PO medications and eating. The IV ceftriaxone is not available in the automatic medication dispenser. What should the nurse do next?

  • hold the medication since the client is afebrile
  • call the pharmacy to send up the missing IV medication
  • obtain the PO ceftriaxone from the medication dispenser and administer it
  • call the health care provider and see if the client can be switched over to oral ceftriaxone
Number 4 is correct.
If the client is eating and tolerating meals, the nurse should ask the health care provider if the client can take the medication in PO form. The oral form is more convenient for the client and lessens the need to repeatedly access the IV, which increases the risk of infection. If the health care provider declines to change the form of the medication, the nurse would then contact the pharmacy for the missing medication. The nurse should not hold medication without notifying the health care provider, nor should the nurse administer medication in a form different from what was ordered.