An RN is working with an LPN to care for a group of clients. Which client would the RN most likely assign to the LPN?

  • a client receiving blood following back surgery
  • a client who has just returned from having a left heart catheterization
  • a client with an arterial line who is on a nitroprusside drip to control blood pressure
  • a client with an abdominal wound requiring dressing changes every 4 hours and PRN
Number 4 is correct.
The LPN can perform wound dressing changes without oversight from an RN. An LPN cannot hang blood, so the client receiving blood would not be the best assignment. Clients who have had a heart catheterization require frequent site assessments of the puncture site, which is beyond the scope of practice for an LPN. The client on the nitroprusside drip may require titration, which is also beyond the scope of practice for an LPN. Caring for an arterial line requires site assessment, troubleshooting, and calibrating the transducer, which is an advanced RN skill.