A nurse is preparing to start an IV on a client. Which action by the nurse increases the risk of infection in this client?

  1. The nurse washes his hands and applies gloves before starting the IV.
  2. After placing the IV, the nurse removes his gloves and washes his hands.
  3. The nurse prepares strips of tape to secure the IV and sticks them to the tray table.
  4. The nurse cleans the area with alcohol or another approved skin cleanser and allows it to dry.
Number 3 is correct.
Rationale: Securing pieces of tape to a tray table or bed rail introduces pathogens from contaminated surfaces to the client’s skin when applied. This increases the risk of pathogens entering the puncture site and causing infection in the client. If additional tape needs to be applied after the clear dressing, it should be removed from the roll just prior to application, without touching it to other surfaces. Washing the hands before and after placing an IV helps minimize the risk of infection. Use of alcohol or other approved skin cleanser helps remove pathogens and minimize the risk of infection. These products should dry completely before attempting to place the IV.