A nurse is preparing a client scheduled for a right mastectomy. Which statement indicates the need for further intervention?

  • The client refuses to sign the blood consent since she is a Jehovah’s Witness.
  • The client identifies the right breast as the surgical site for a right mastectomy.
  • The client signs the consent form with an X, which is witnessed by two licensed personnel.
  • The client expresses doubt over her decision and asks the nurse to explain more about the procedure.
Number 4 is correct.
Expressing doubt and asking further questions of the nurse indicates that the client may not be fully informed and should confer further with the health care provider. The nurse may clarify facts, but it is the health care provider’s responsibility to give detailed information about the surgical procedure. The nurse is responsible for ensuring that the client has been adequately informed. A client may refuse to sign a blood consent due to religious beliefs prior to surgery. The client has correctly identified the surgical site, which is to be expected. The client who cannot write may sign with an X as long as it is witnessed by two people.