A client who just delivered is concerned about her neonate’s Apgar scores of 7 at 1 minute and 8 at 5 minutes. She has been told a score lower than 9 is associated with learning disabilities. Which response is best ?

  • “Your infant is fine. Don’t worry.”
  • “Apgar scores indicate a need for extra medical care at birth. Your baby’s score of 7 is fine.”
  • “There are many good special education programs available I can recommend.”
  • “I’ll ask the physician to speak with you.”
Number 2 is correct.
Developed in 1952 by anesthesiologist Virginia Apgar, the test rates five areas on a scale of 0 – 2, for a possible score of 10. The scores of 7 and 8 are considered acceptable. Response 2 provides an explanation to the client about the test while confirming the acceptability of her neonate’s score. It is inappropriate to tell the client not to worry. Information on a special education program is unwarranted in this situation. NCLEX-RN wants to know the action of the nurse in this situation, not the physician.